Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Entertainment Busters vs. Entertainment Bounty

A typical day of Entertainment for our family of five
Entertainment Buster:
Weekday Zoo Admission: 2 adults $15.00, one child $6.00, kids 0-2 Free
Lunch @ the Kampala Café in the Zoo: 2 kids meals, $10.00, 2 adult meals $16.50
Total spent for 4 hours of entertainment: $47.50
Entertainment Bounty:
Go to the Zoo on Feb. 7th, admission is FREE (Or, purchase a membership to the Zoo for the entire year: $105. Includes 4 adult admissions and all the members’ children. It pays for itself in 3-4 visits for us!)
Lunch: Pack a sack lunch and eat in the Zoo’s Backyard
Total: Free!!!!
The Tightwad Saved: $47.50

A typical evening of Entertainment or “date night”
Entertainment Buster:
Babysitter for three kids for 3 hours: $18.00
Dinner at Chili’s: $35.00
Movie: 2 adult admissions $19.50 (no popcorn or drinks)
Total: $72.50
Entertainment Bounty:
Babysitting swap: free (or even better maybe the Grandparents will take them overnight!)
Dinner Chevy’s Happy Hour $9.00 (includes tip)
Movie, Red Box rental $1.06 (microwave popcorn & two Shasta’s add $1.25)
Total: $11.31
The Tightwad Saved: $61.19

Other Entertainment Options:
· Take a walk, or go to the park. It’s free; it’s fun, and its exercise!
· Check out Museum Day on Feb. 7th. Free admission to many local museums. Also look for free family activities posted on the website: www.sacramento365.com
· The drive in movie with kids is fun and cheaper if you go on Tuesday nights. Adult Admission $4.75, kids under 5 are free! (Take your own popcorn & candy!)
· Sunrise Theater: $3.00 admission on weekdays, $3.75 on Friday, Saturday, Sunday
· For event tickets look online for previews of events. For example The Brown Bag event for the Sacramento Ballet is an in studio preview of their new show starting soon, and it’s FREE. The Music Circus allows volunteers who usher the shows to stay and watch the show for free.
· Kids Eat Free Nights: http://coupondivas.com/kids-eat-free/
· The Entertainment Book (lots of buy one get one free coupons)
· Borrow movies from a friend who has a large collection

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