Thursday, January 15, 2009

NEVER buy something you can get for FREE!

□ Books and movies~ check out your local library, they have quite a few books and movies that you can check out for three weeks at a time! (to ensure that it’s FREE, return your items on time!)
□ Magazines~ again, ask your local library when they get rid of their old magazines. Some do it frequently, some save them up for a year or two and get rid of the bundles. Maybe you won’t be up on all the current trends, but what true tightwad is?
□ Toys, clothes furniture & more~ check out in their free section. There are hundreds of postings daily it’s a great way to turn trash into treasure.
□ Tickets, gift cards, meals & more~ News 10 puts on what they call “Free Friday”. If you go online Wednesdays to News 10’s website you can find the details of what is being given away that week & where. They are given to the first 200 people in line and typically start giving them away at 5am. It’s worth it to stand in line that early. The most popular freebies are The Polar Express, IMAX tickets, Fair tickets, and Disney On Ice.
□ Toys~ there is a toy library in West Sacramento:
□ Child care~ You can do this one of two ways. If you just need a break from the kids head to IKEA in West Sacramento. Potty trained children that meet the height requirements can play in smalland for one hour. Or better yet, swap child care with a friend!
□ Just about anything~ Another great website for helping the environment and your pocketbook is:

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Haley said...

Oh, I'm pretty excited about this new blog you've started!! Was it inspired by our Tuesday night class??

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