Wednesday, March 4, 2009

When to buy

Recently a friend of mine produced a list of times to purchase certain items. I thought it would be a great list to reproduce here!

Food: Standing ribs, steaks, chicken, pork, grapefruit, party foods
Other: Fantastic sales due to holiday excess, Costco furniture

Food: Steaks, Citrus, young turkeys
Other: furniture, home furnishings, lease-return cars, audio visual equipment, men’s apparel, air conditioners, chocolate (after valentines) President’s day sales, coats/jackets

Food: Corned beef, cabbage, fresh fish Note: Many markets increase cost on some produce because supplies diminish.
Other: Garden supplies, winter sports equipment, laundry detergent, infant clothing

Food: Ham, eggs, Mexican foods (last week of the month)
Other: White sales (lines & table clothes), TV or DVD’s, hosiery, painting supplies, stoves, lingerie, cleaning products, off season rates at some resorts (Disneyland)

Food: Roast, asparagus, strawberries, Mexican food (1st week)
Other: Baskets, clocks, knives, silverware, musical instruments, power tools, small appliances, luggage.

Food: Hot dogs, early melons, corn, picnic foods, ketchup
Other: charcoal, paper plates & plastic servings

Food: 4th of July specials, hamburgers, corn, bell peppers
Other: beachwear, fabric, fuel, men’s shoes & shirts.

Food: produce, marshmallows, salad dressing
Other: Sports equipment, garden furniture, nursery plants any clothing/shoes in general in any department store.

Food: Apples, winter squash, end of bbq & picnick season.
Other: Paint, school supplies, office supplies, car clearances (best time to buy a car is at the end of the month), summer closeouts, spring/summer kids clothes

Food: Apples, squash, baking supplies, candy sales (after Halloween)
Other: Camping gear, white sales, tires

Food: Baking supplies, cranberries, (freeze them for baking), Thanksgiving blowouts on extras
Other: Vetran’s Day sales, Day after Thanksgiving early bird sales, ties for men.

Food: Nuts, bananas, boneless chuck, potatoes, yams, baking supplies.
Other: children’s wear, sweaters, coats, powertools, blankets, and quilts, great sales between Christmas & New Years, Christmas decorations and paper (after Christmas). Thrift store decorations 1st part of the month.

This being said the BEST way to purchase some of these items is second hand. I hope to give you all tips on how to purchase at yard sales, and thrift stores. If you have input you want to give please email me here.

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