Friday, May 15, 2009

The Library

I've always loved the Library. Now as a mother I love it even more. There's nothing like the joy in my kids faces when we get to go to the library to check out books, unless of course you also count the joy in my heart when we find hours of entertainment we are getting for free! (make sure you keep it free by returning your books and videos on time!)

Twice now I have requested books from our library through a system our county calls Link+. These are books that our library doesn't own. If I were to try and buy them it would cost me over $20.00 plus shipping! And these are not books I want to own, just simply read and give back! I'm that way with most books. I like to read them once but after that I don't really need to have my own copy. Check out your local library to find endless opportunities for growth, improvement, study, and fun!

Another fun tip is how I do most of my book picking! I do most all of it online! I reserve the books online through our library system and then when I go to the library all my books are on hold for me, ready to pick up. This way the kids can look for books at their leisure and I don't have to stress about finding the "right books" for them. Then I can also pick out something for me with out having to "keep and eye" on my kids in the adult side of the library!

So happy reading... oh, and if you are "not a reader" like some of my friends claim to be, I suggest two things. 1. change that by reading more (Your kids will benefit from you reading to them and from seeing you read for pleasure) 2. Try audio books or something similar (like the new digital play books)!

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