Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Dave Ramsey

Last night as I dropped off our sitter at her church I was so excited and proud to see that the reason she needed to be dropped of there instead of at home was to attend the Financial Peace University. We recently went through this at our congregation and two of our friends who attended have started it at their congregation as well! It's so exciting to see people on fire for making their finances more godly. Our society has a very warped view of money and it's people like Dave Ramsey who have a wide spread influence that are making a difference in this day and age. I would be ecstatic if major credit card companies fizzled out of existence! For more information on Financial Peace please visit Dave Ramsey's website here, or to attend Cordova's upcoming class click here!

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Laurie said...

I am a Ramsey fan too! My husband works full time and I work part time. My husband was not willing to go off credit entirely so to keep things off the credit card I developed a plan.

I decided we would live off of his pay check and save all of mine.

I set up the envelope system in a expanding file folder with several savings catagories such as vacations, Christmas and birthdays, phones, CSA (Community Sustained Agriculture--a weekly share in farm produce that has to be paid entirely in advance of the growing season--this is the one that started it all), glasses, shoes, hearing aides. Some catagories only get 5 bucks a week. It worked like a charm.

When my husband commented lately that he didn't think I really needed to be working I just grabbed that file folder and said, if I wasn't then this would be empty and what's in here and more plus compounding interest would be on credit cards.

Now, when he starts talking about something he wants to buy, I just ask him, "which catagory would that come from?" or say "you can buy anything you want honey, just start a saving envelope for it and when there is enough in it you can go get it."

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