Saturday, December 5, 2009

Foundational Teachings

My husband is brilliant. Ever since our daughter was born, he has held to the idea that we are teaching our kids to obey us, so they can learn to obey God. This seems so simple and yet how do you explain to your three year old the importance of obedience?
There are some times when I feel like I'm floundering as a parent, and then others that I feel we are on the right track and by the grace of God doing things "right".
I don't believe in the "terrible two's". In my experience, it's when they hit three that I want to give my children away. (Not really, just sometimes!). Noraa is very emotional these days and also wanting to assert her independence. She also has strong opinions on her clothes. Today she wanted to go outside to work with Daddy. In order to do that I had to sneak into her room where her baby brother was napping and get her some clothes to "work" outside in. The flood of tears that ensued was incredible as I had picked out clothing she did not want to wear.
I set her on my lap after getting her dressed and tried to explain that there are times when I let her pick out what she wants to wear and then there are times that she must listen and obey regardless of how she feels. I tried to tell her that throwing a fit and crying because it's not the way she wants it to be is simply not okay...
And then it hit me.
"We teach you to obey us so that you will learn to obey God."
How many times have I thrown a fit when God asks me to do something that He wants?
How many times?
How many times have I looked at what He has chosen and turned up my nose, because it didn't seem right to me? When all along He knew best?
How many times?
How many times have I not listened to the wisdom behind His words, seeking my own emotions for guidance?
How many?
How many times have I said intetionally said "I won't" instead of "I will" Abba, my Father?
How many?
::Too many::
And so, the lesson today that was meant for a three year old was taken to heart instead by the 30 year old...

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