Thursday, January 28, 2010

Silhouette ~Step-by-Step

I am not an artistic person, but I LOVE art. I want to be an artist. I also want to have a beautiful home full of inspiration and creativity. That's why I "paint by number"! It's been so fun, I thought I should share!

In the past three years since we've moved into this home I've made a few drastic changes to our decor. But I suppose when you start with blank white walls, anything you do is drastic!

One year when my husband was away directing camp for two weeks, I completely re-did our bedroom. I painted the walls, dresser, and nightstand. Had a new bed frame made and installed by our good friend, and painted a mural on our closet doors.

Recently I had a Thankfulness Tree on our wall for the Thanksgiving holiday. I loved the tree so much, I decided to paint it on the wall!

Again, I am NOT an artist, but since I love beautiful things, I've figured out a four step process to make this work for me! First I find the picture that I want on my wall. (sometimes from google, sometimes from an "inspiration piece") Second, I copy that picture onto a transparency. Third, using an old school overhead projector I place the image on the wall and trace it with a pencil! Fourth, I use paint to "color in" the pencil image.

As you can see from the images below, both times I have chosen a silhouette of sorts. I haven't "branched out" much since it worked well for me! I hope this has given you inspiration or ideas for your own home! (More to come on painting tips as well as future painting projects I have planned!)This is our "Friends and Family Wall". It's in our entry way and as you can see, I put up pictures of our friends and our family. It's a beautiful reminder of the people we love that are both near and far.

This is in our newly (two years ago now) decorated master bedroom. Our closet doors are floor to ceiling, so I decided to go BIG with the mural in here, grabbing the image from an inspiration piece I will show you in a future post ... I used a lighter version of the paint on the walls on the closet doors. You can see the contrast more in the picture than in person.


Monica Williams said...

Love your ideas, Amy! I love art too and you make decorating your home look so easy :) Thanks for sharing!

Heather@WoolandFlax said...

You ARE an artist. :)

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