Friday, February 26, 2010

Nitty Gritty

Once again, posting on Facebook how much fun I had meal planning yesterday I was asked for my meal planning how to. My other post was pretty detailed, so I thought I would do another post that is abbreviated.

My Six Step Process:

Step 1: Get you calendar, computer, cookbooks, two sheets of paper and pencil.

Step 2: Plan Mexican, American, Italian, Asian, CrockPot, Grill, or other "theme nights" to stream line what you want to have when. (Don't forget to plan for your leftovers, or special occasions when you eat out!)

Step 3: Gather recipes, either on line or from your cook books.

Step 4: Make one MASTER grocery list that has all the non-perishables, frozen foods (including meats) and the first week's produce.

Step 5: On the second sheet of paper (folded in thirds), make three additional lists of items you will need for the following weeks. Produce, milk, eggs etc.

Step 6: Shop!

This method has really helped me save both time and money. It's so nice to know what we are having for dinner each night! Please contact me either by commenting here or by emailing me, if you have any questions as I would love to answer them!

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