Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Unwrapping the Library

::Today's post comes from a guest writer that I simply adore; my mother! She has recently worked for the public library in Aurora, Colorado. I thought her years as library staff could give us all an inside peek at our weekly trips to the library through the eyes of a librarian! If you want to take a look at her personal blog, she and my dad will journal their adventures as they embark into full time retirement in the fifth wheel!::

In Search of Hidden Treasures

by Marj Coate

Did you know that you can find hidden treasures right in your neighborhood? It is amazing all the wonderful things you will find at your local Public Library. The library is not just a place where books live, you can also find music, audio books, magazines, newspapers, travel videos, popular DVD's, computer Internet access and more! Most libraries offer special events, programs, guest speakers, a weekly story time and various classes to stimulate and socialize you and your family. And best of all, it is free!

Taking your children to the library is one of the best things you can do for them at any age. Those weekly trips to the library not only create wonderful lifelong memories, but an extra bonus comes in those special moments when you hear your child say "Will you read me a story?"

The benefits of Reading Aloud with Children:

* Children's self-esteem grows as they experience the security of having a parent or other caring person read aloud with them.

* Children learn listening skills, vocabulary, and language skills.

* Children develop imagination and creativity

* Children learn concepts and gather information about the world around them.

* Children learn positive behavior patterns and social conduct.

* Children develop positive attitudes about themselves.

* Children learn the joy of reading

(Benefits taken from this website)

Here are just a few tips to keep in mind when you visit the library:

::Talk to your children about the proper behavior you expect from them before you enter the library. You like to be prepared when you are going into a new environment, children need the same consideration. Explain to them that there may be lots of people studying and reading and we need to be respectful and keep our voices low.

:: If you need to use the computer or the catalog computer, visit the children's department first and allow the children to pic out some books, puzzles or something to take back to the computer that will occupy them while you are busy. Try to keep your session short as the children would much rather have fun exploring the library with you than to sit and wait until you have finished your task.

:: When you are exploring the many books, explain to the children that all the books have a 'home' and we need to help the librarian keep them in order. If the book you remove from the shelf is not what you were looking for, do not try to put it back. Most libraries have a bin or a special place to put items needing to be re-shelved.

::When attending story time, or other events, arrive early. Allow yourself enough time to get your children seated and comfortable with their surroundings before the event begins.

:: You and the children will enjoy the outing so much more if they are well-rested and well-fed. Nothing spoils the day more than a "melt-down", be it you or the children.

:: Above all, do everything in your power to make it a positive, memorable experience. Nothing pleases the library staff more than to see smiling families enjoying their visit to the library!

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Get Real Girl said...

I grew up with a love of books and we spent so many hours at the library. Now I live in a town with a struggling library and it breaks my heart. We hardly ever go there. This post really makes me miss my hometown and the library.

Beth said...

I love the library. My husband recently threatened to take away my library card because I'm always going and coming back with delicious books to read - and I'm one of those bury-your-nose-in-a-book-and-forget-about-whatever-else-is-around-you type of people. :)

Flower Patch Farmgirl said...

We love the library! We did our own "book club" last Summer..we wrote the titles of 100 library books down on several sheets of paper. 100 seems like so many to 3 and 4 year olds. :) It was a fun way to document a big part of those hot days.

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