Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Works for me Wednesday~Hidden Stash

This seemed the perfect tip for today's

The way to keep your "stash" hidden

A mentor mom of mine once shared this tip with me. She used this idea when her kids were small, and though I haven't had to use it yet, I know that someday I will!

There are four simple steps to keeping your goodies hidden from the family, (even your hubby, if you so choose!)

Step 1: At the grocery store purchase yourself a sweet treat, and a bag of frozen veggies.

Step 2: Fix the frozen veggie for dinner that night, setting aside the bag (keeping the sweet treat hidden away in the mean time of course.)

Step 3: After the kids have gone to bed place the sweet treat inside the frozen veggies bag and close with a twist tie.

Step 4: Place your hidden stash in the freezer where kids and husbands alike will certainly not rummage through frozen veggies!


Christy said...

lol DH certainly wouldn't open a bag of peas!

Anonymous said...

Love it!!
Not even my teenagers will snoop into a bag of frozen veggies!

Tawna said...

Now that is SUPER cute!

Susan Tipton said...

That is so great.

However, please help, how do I get past the bionic sense of smell that 2 of my children have? The can detect chocolate on my breath at 10 feet.

The Homemaker said...

I know right Susan? I finished scarfing my "snack" before the kids got up and my daughter sat on my lap and said ~sniff, sniff~ "Do I smell chocolate?" So of course I answered coyly "What? Chocolate? If I had chocolate, wouldn't I share with you?" She bought it, but she was only three at the time!
Maybe breath mints? or there's always good ole' Listerine! Thanks for stopping by!

schwartz said...

OMG! Best.Idea.Ever!

patty said...

lol- too clever! :)

chili pepper said...

I have heard of other moms doing this... It takes smarts to survive the world of kids and chocolate at once!

Adorable blog you have here, Amy. I have a friend that is very into retro and I am sure she would love it here as well.

Happy Friday!


andrea said...

That is such a great idea!! I'm going to definitely have to try it. (That, or hide your chocolate where ever you keep cleaning supplies!)

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