Thursday, April 15, 2010

Better late than Never!

It's almost 4pm, on Thursday.  I had a resolution to have five or six "Throwback Thursday's" ready to go, but alas, this week "life" happened!  So here I am typing frantically wanting to get this up before I go start dinner.
One of my inspirations for this entire blog has been a sweet little book I picked up for a quarter at our local library book sale.  It's called  Heloise's Housekeeping Hints, published in 1962.  It's a sweet little book, full of fun and outdated tips!  There are so many better ways to do things than I found in this book, but for some reason I LOVE to flip through it time and time again!.
Today's Throwback comes from page 87 on the chapter "Away with Washday Woes!"

Boil Clothespins
"I usually bring my clothespins in the house when I take the laundry off the line.  But, occasionally, it wil rain while the laundry is outside.  The clothespins stay wet and turn dark where they touch the wet clothes.  This rubs off on guture washings.  So I simply boil my clothespins in a weak solution of bleach and wate for a few minutes, rinse thouroughly and dry well.  They are like new again!"

I rarely hang my laundry to dry (though sometimes in the summer I do), but I thought this was a fun little hint that would remind us to be thankful for the wonderful inventions we utilize daily called "dryers"!


Kerilyn said...

Cool shot of the book, Amy.

The Homemaker said...

Thanks Keri, but I can't take credit for it... I didn't have my camera handy otherwise I would have taken a picture myself. I googled it and liked the way this picture fit with the blog. I have the paperback version, and though it's quaint, it's not nearly as cute as this one!!!

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