Tuesday, September 14, 2010

The System

In an effort to cut down on the "work" of laundry day, I've developed a new system...I've been at it for a few months now and I think overall it's a bit less work, but teaches my children a little bit more in the area of repsonsibility and I am all about that!

Last year I read the Douggar's book entitled "The Douggars; 20 and counting!". In it Michelle mentions the "family closet" where all clothes are hung by size. This idea, combined with my sister's influence (she hangs up practically EVERYTHING besides underwear and socks!) lead me to re-arrange my children's closet space in the hopes of creating a more functional and organized wardrobe. My sister who lives in Africa has also mentioned to me that she uses a similar system. It was her prompting that finally lead me to trying it.

All things in our home are in a state of change. I have not perfected any one area of my home to the point that it cannot be improved, so know that this method is still being tested as we speak! Maybe it will work for me and maybe it won't; maybe it will work for you and maybe it won't! Only time will tell!
So here it is:

I put the girls Sunday dresses (that they are not allowed to wear for "everyday") on the top, as well as their sweaters and jackets. The lower bar is simply a tension rod made for the shower. It's placed high enough that the clothes don't drag, but low enough that the girls can still reach it. White hanger items belong to one child, pink hangers to the other; the purple hangers are for items that they both wear. I still keep their socks, underwear, pajamas and their "out of season" clothing in drawers. They are able to get themselves dressed in the mornings without me, and they are also able to put away their clothes much easier and faster on laundry day!

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Dawnette Thomas said...

Great idea! Something I do to cut down the amount of time I spend on the laundry is wash just the clothes from that particular basket. For example, I wash the little kids clothes together in one load, then Hannah's in her load, and so on. I use to spend time sorting all the baskets by colors, wash, dry, fold and then resort to respective rooms. Now I wash, dry and fold in respective room. The sorting time is all gone. I do however wash the whites separately once a month.

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