Thursday, April 22, 2010

Throw Back Thursday

As I've written before, I just adore the era of the 1950's and 60's.  I know it's overglorified in my mind, but it seems a much simpler time... Until I see pictures like the one here, and read the thoughts of sweet ladies like this, who's reflections make me grateful.
The process of washing clothes has always been a tiresome chore. Think back to even prairie days when they had to go to the creek (full of dirty water) and wash clothing by hand with soap they made themselves!  When compared to that, I feel blessed that my soap making process takes me all of 20 minutes and lasts me for almost a year!! (For my post on what I call the laundry quandry click here!)
So today for Throw Back Thursday I challenge you to time how long it takes you do the the WORK of a load of laundry. (Loading the matchine, transfering clothes, folding clothes, and putting them away)  Then say a prayer of gratitude for the beautiful technology that allows us the "time" to do more for Him and for our families!
Oh, and watch your fingers on the ringer!

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