Thursday, April 29, 2010

Throw Back Thursday

Seems like with each and every generation we are looking for something to make life a bit easier!  And why not?  This adorable advertisement from Old Dutch Cleanser just makes me smile.  I wish I had some to try.  Does it work better than my current cleanser?  Who knows, it might!  I personally thought the best cleanser was a little bit of elbow grease!                                                                          However for this Throw Back Thursday I thought it would be fun to share a tip from my Don Aslet book entitled "Is There Life After Housework?"  He has a chapter on working smarter not harder.  It's called "Relax and Work Less".  I thought his tip could shed some light on the cleansers of our day!
He says that any thing that needs to be cleaned can be done so easily when you use the E.S.D.R. method. Eliminate, Saturate, Disolve, Remove.
He claims that anything can be cleaned by letting the cleaner do the work for you!  Mr. Aslet says to eliminate the dust, crumbs, debris from the surface.  Then saturate the surface with the cleaner.  Let the cleaner do the work and as it disoves the dirt and grime you can do something else with your time!  Then simply remove the cleaner/water and enjoy the clean surface below!
It seems almost too simple to be true!  Maybe this was the answer we've been looking for all these years!

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