Thursday, April 8, 2010

Throwback Thursday

As I ponder how to best bless through this blog dishes clank in the sink below.  Hot water washes over as I rinse, stack and load the modern convenience to my right.  I'm so blessed.  I know and have so much due to the age and country and the wealth I live in. (Not by America's standards my friends, but God's)  My mind is frequently drawn back in imagination of a time I don't know, but dream of.  What was it like? What were the challenges, the differences, the blessings of a time before my own?  I came across this article at this website, stating it's from Housekeeping Monthly in May, 1955.  I thought you might enjoy reading it!
(I did edit by taking off the last six tips.  They did not seem appropriate for this setting...)

I hope this "throwback" blesses.  Sometimes it's good to look back and learn from another generation.  Tonight when your husband gets home from work and the house is decluttered, the children are "dressed and pressed", and you are wearing your pearls and high heals, take a mental picture of his face! (then let me know about it okay?)


Anonymous said...

Although I agree with serving your husband as this suggests, this article is actually a spoof. An urban legend of sorts. The ones that you left off will cement the idea that this is not serious. Check it out on snopes. Love your blog though!

Kerilyn said...

Real or not real..I'm glad we are not living in the 1950's.

The Homemaker said...

Dear Anonymous,
Though I don't agree that snopes is the end all of "internet authenticity" I will leave a link to it here in case others want to see the artice, stating the status as Uncertain...

Thanks for keeping me on my toes~
But like Kerilyn said, real or not isn't really the point!

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