Monday, May 10, 2010

Children's Book Monday

Patricia Lee Gauch
Satomi Ichikawa

Just one look at the cover and you may be able to see why I have a soft spot in my heart for this book.  As a dancer myself for many years I connected instantly to little Tanya. 
"The night before Tanya and her mother and her sister, Elise, were to go to town, Tanya couldn't sleep.  For the first time she would go to the real Ballet. For the first time she would see dancers dance Coppelia, the ballet about the doll who came to life." (My very first ballet was Coppelia also!)
  The story unfolds of sweet Tanya as she wanders away from her mother while waiting for the Ballet to open.  Drawn by the mystery of an old woman carrying tutus she follows her to the costume room. It is here where she and the the woman get lost in the magic of imagination and dance.
  While normally peppered with questions during story time, my middle child surprised me as she lay silent, entranced. This book is a joy and the pictures are soft and inviting.  I invite you to come with Tanya as she the old woman and I adventure into the magic wardrobe!

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