Tuesday, May 25, 2010

The Promise

"Draw near to God and He WILL draw near to you." James 4:8 (emphasis mine)

What a promise.  There are times that I "feel" far from God, times when I seem so spiritually dry.  It's in times like this that I hold to the promise of God.  If I can humble myself, and draw nearer to Him,  He will move as well.  I liken this to a marriage in which both partners make the effort.  The responsibility of relationship is not a burden that rests solely on me. Nor does it lay entirely upon Him.  It is indeed a shared responsibility.

Recently I have been reading in Richard Foster's book, Celebration of Discipline.  Oh what deep wells of wisdom to draw from!  The spiritual disciplines have not been stressed in my faith tradition and though I was aware of the promise earlier stated I don't believe I've ever really known how to draw myself to Him until now.  Meditation. Prayer.  Fasting.  Study. Simplicity.  Submission.  Solitude.  Service.  Confession.  Worship.  Guidance.  Celebration. 

Disciplines to live out, to love and embrace so that you and I can be blessed by the Promise!

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