Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Throwback Thursday

So today I transition from the laundry room into the kitchen!

Do you remember when mothers wore aprons?  I know some still do, but not many.  An apron used to be a household staple not just a gag gift for the dad who barbecues every now and then.  In fact, I love how this McCall's pattern for a wrap around apron reminds me just how needed these beauties were.  The dresses worn underneath needed to be pristine and kept nice, thus facilitating the need for an apron. (Not to mention the fact that women were cooking bacon on a regular basis and full three course meals requiring a lot of time in the kitchen!)

I've recently taken to wearing an apron belonging to Aaron's grandmother.  It's sweet.  I take the girls pictures in it on their birthdays.  It serves to remind me of why I do what I do.  I intend to leave a legacy.  I make muffins, lovingly spread peanut butter and cook healthy dinners so that my children will think back with heartfelt gratitude upon the time I was able to spend with them.  Teaching, training and loving these precious souls is what I was made for. 
In looking in the archives of my dear friend's blog I noticed her daughter wearing an apron.  The pattern of the fabric stirred a recognition in me instantly and foggy memories of helping my mother with floured hands on bright orange counter tops came springing forward.  I asked her how she had come across it, curious to see if she too had the same apron I had as a child.  Her mother had passed it on to her, from a box of hand me downs from their neighbors (my mother!).  Being a gracious soul, she washed and folded the precious memory maker and mailed it across many miles to grace my home.  Her daughter whom I'm sure has also made many memories in the apron colored a picture for my sweet Noraa. 
Thank you Eliana and thank you Elise.
May the memories of aprons not be lost forever...

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Haley said...

I often wear an apron while baking; in fact, my mom just made me an apron for Christmas this year and I love it!!!

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