Thursday, May 27, 2010

Throwback Thursday

Today I'm running behind.  It's bath time, my kids are in the tub and I sit on the toilet blogging while they play.  It's been one of those "spinning your wheels" kind of days.  No matter how much I had hoped to get done, or how many tasks I began nothing seemed to be working the way I wanted it to.
However when I got home from picking Grace up from school and began to fix a "quick lunch", a thought ran through my mind.
 Thank God for microwaves.

Really, I know that maybe they are not the best for you health wise, but man they are so convenient! 
I'll never forget the first time I saw a microwave and was fascinated by the speed in which the food was heated. And I will also never forget our first microwave at home... it was HUGE compared to the micro microwaves that are available now.  Not to mention how much it weighed.  We were always so careful about setting the wattage, and the time, and we were not allowed to "watch" the food in the microwave (though really could you see through that black mesh screen on the window anyway?).  Mom was faithful about covering each plate with a sheet of wax paper to prevent unnecessary clean ups.  And I will forever remember the first time I microwaved a marshmallow!!!!
  I was thankful today for the blessing that is "fast" cooking.  Thankful for the technology that allows me to have lunch on the table in 5 minutes so the kids can still take their naps at the normal scheduled time.  Thankful this Thursday for the throwback that reminds me of the age we live in and the blessings we have!

(originally written on Thursday May 20th 2010)

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