Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Bad News, Good News, Sad News, Glad News

Bad News: My washing machine stopped working and I had eight loads of laundry to do.

Good News: I went to the Sears Outlet store and bought a commercial grade, front loading, coin operated washer for $370.00 out the door!

Sad News: I got the washer home (load count up to ten), and it didn't work.

Glad News: A really nice Sears repair woman named Janice came to my house to fix it and instead fixed my old washer for only $160.00

And now I can get started on my twelve loads of laundry!

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Haley said...

ha, did she take the other "new" one back with her?

The Creegers said...

We also opted to fix our old washer instead of buying a new one. Let's hope they both keep on keepin' on, for a while. :-)

KDL said...

I am always so glad for both of my functioning machines. While we were remodeling I had to several times haul laundry, sometimes dirty, sometimes wet; and our oldest daughter who was a baby then - to the laundromat on my day off from work. I do NOT miss those days one bit...even though I sometimes don't get around to our laundry for a while either...

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