Sunday, June 20, 2010

Children's Book Monday

Oh, don't you just LOVE books that rhyme?
Books that keep such perfect time?

Worded right with perfect prose,
it makes me want to scratch my nose.

How do they do it? Make it right...
and yet the story doesn't seem trite.

Just like in the book I'll show you today,
please go and get it, do not delay.

It tells a story that rings so true,
of a mom like me, like YOU.

But this lovely woman (unlike me),
She's got seven, (I've got only three).

These seven darlings with the last name Peters
are what she calls her "silly eaters".

Throughout the book the stories told of each child's tastes and what they'll eat.
Each home made by mother, what a treat!

But as each child grows in size,
I almost had to close my eyes.

Poor Mrs. Peters almost cracks,
from all the work that breaks her back.

Her birthday which she thought they forgot
seemed to the kids the perfect spot,
to surprise their mom with something great,
made from the picky things they ate.

Will it work? What will she say?
When she wakes up to find a surprise the next day..

Oh pick up this lovey book and you will see,
such fun for the entire family!

The Seven Silly Eaters

Written by Mary Ann Hoberman

Illustrated by Marla Frazee


Elise @A Path Made Straight said...

Oh, my goodness- we just love Mary Ann Hoberman!!! And yet we've never read this one. I'm putting a hold on it right now- thanks for the review- so clever, too! We are kindreds in so many ways, Amy...


Tracey said...

Love this post! Must go find this book....

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