Thursday, June 10, 2010

Throwback Thursday~ Entertaining

Today we had friends over for a "luncheon". At least that's what I would have called it 60 years ago! 60 years ago I would have had the house sparkling clean, 'horderves planned for when they walked in the door and light sandwiches to be served 20 minutes later. Fruit salad served from a crystal bowl, and maybe potato chips would accompany the lunch as well fresh squeezed lemonade. With of course a cake made from scratch for dessert.

But since we live in 2010, I picked up Papa Murphy's take & bake pizza, used paper plates, served a nice green salad (with lettuce from my garden), and had serve yourself drinks available...
And you know what? We had a splendid time!

1 comment:

Kristin said...

Sounds delicious. I'm pregnant and craving pizza so your luncheon menu sounds delightful. :-)

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