Thursday, June 3, 2010

Throwback Thursday

Do you ever take the time to ponder the world of digital photography?

It's pretty amazing. Tonight I uploaded to our external hard-drive the pictures and video clips from our camera. (I even put some of them on Facebook for friends and family to see). The world of computers that we live in truly is a marvel. To know how far the technology in photography has come in just the past 60 years makes you wonder where it will go in the next 60.

Growing up my dad had two really old cameras. Every once in a while he would get them out and let us look at them. He would oh so carefully open the case and with his pen as a pointer, show us the intricate details of how the cameras once took pictures. The brown leather case was old and worn. I used to think how fun it would be to have copies of all the pictures that camera had taken. I wonder who first owned it. How did they come by it? Did they save for ages to buy it? Was it a gift?

To have a camera in your possession, to take pictures at home was a big deal in the 1920's. And though it became more common to own a camera as the 1950's and 60's arrived, to look at the quality of the photographs makes you again curious about the technology. I remember as a child posing for a "photo shoot" in my living room holding a pink carnation in my teeth, dressed to the nines with my hair and make up graciously done by my older sister. I was a star. Snap, click, whirr, slowly the camera would spit out the photo, and we would carefully hold the edges and set it on the stereo to dry and develop. Just like that, I was a star.

Today, I snap a picture and my 21 month old baby mimics his sisters by saying "see it". Click , "hang on, just a second, let me hit the playback button" says photographer. Giggles. They are stars.

Will they ever see the photo printed? Maybe not, but I think it holds the same fascination for them as it did for me.

Today I'm grateful for the advancement in photography. (And for people who use it well! Like her, her and her!Oh, and her and her too!)
I'm grateful that I can take a picture in my memory as well as on a nice little pocket sized rectangle!

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The Creegers said...

I love the "They are stars." You're so right, they totally are. AND totally with you on appreciating modern technology, although, I'm a bit addicted and the digital era does not help my need for instant gratification. :-)

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