Saturday, August 28, 2010

Spring Cleaning

I really don't like cleaning no matter what time of year it is! On a side note I've also never really understood the idea behind "spring cleaning". Summer is the dirtiest season in our home, so shouldn't the deep cleaning happen in the fall?
But I digress...
The other day I had a thought as I was doing our mountain of laundry after the family camping trip. In order to keep a handle on the laundry I spread it out over the week; mine and my husband's on Monday's, the kids on Wednesdays and misc towels sheets etc on Friday. Why don't I do this with my "spring cleaning"? I always have spring cleaning on my list in the spring, but I tend to put it off because it seems like such a big chore. I NEVER get around to deep cleaning something until it bugs me so bad that I get angry enough to clean it. What if I disciplined myself to spread out the deep cleaning over the course of a year so it didn't seem like such an unbearable task? I could handle one project a month couldn't I?
The idea was so exciting to me that I decided right then and there to make a list of the rooms/projects that needed deep cleaning and re-organizing. To my joyful surprise I found that I only had 9 areas that needed "spring cleaning" attention once a year! So, if I plan on doubling up one month for two of them, then that means I could have a break every third month! This starts sounding more and more "doable" every minute!
So, though Heloise might have some great tips on how to get each task done for me I think this schedule thing just might work!
I'll keep you posted ~wink~

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