Sunday, October 10, 2010

Children's Book Monday

I wasn't sure I wanted to write a review this week as my motivation for writing has been lulled by my recent absence from anything reality! But recently while going through boxes of old "treasures" from my past I stumbled upon a gem I just had to share.

Some books are pure poetry, others have illustrations that leave you breathless and then there's the book that has neither of these traits but still when you hold it it becomes one of the most treasured of possessions!
That is Ballerina Bess for me.

One of my very first "readers", I was quoting this book before I could read. It's simple; two and three word sentences. But I was captivated by Bess. A little girl, just like me! And she wanted to dance, just like me! I stood for hours in front of a mirror with the book propped up in front of me so I could mimic her poses, feet turned out, arms just so. (I had no idea picture drawings of ballerinas were in bad form!) My copy is worn and the binding is fragile, but I know it will be treasured by my girls as well. The good news for new readers is though it was out of print, it was recently reprinted in 2002! So you can get this and also other books by the same authors!
Ballerina Bess is a delightful read for any budding ballerina! For more delightful children's book reviews head over to A Path Made Straight every Monday for Children's Book Monday.

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