Sunday, November 28, 2010


I asked my six year old what the word Anticipation meant.  She mumbled something about obeying her mom and dad, and while her answer made me smile, I gently explained the idea of waiting with excitement.  She immediately grasped the concept and has been "anticipating" much since then.

And me?  This is what I've been anticipating... The Glorious Coming!  It's funny how in this World Wide Web, we can make "friends" that we've never met, yet we feel like we know so deeply and profoundly.  This year our family will be creating our Jesse Tree for the first time.  I'm so very excited to begin this beautiful tradition for our family.  I will let Ann gracefully tell you about it as she is both the author and more eloquent than I could ever hope to be!  (The link above on the title of the book will take you there!)

Thank you dear friends for the blessing you are, and it is my prayer that you are blessed this Christmas Season...

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