Thursday, November 18, 2010

How to Peel a Pomegranate

 Have you ever tried to "peel" a pomegranate?  It's messy.  It's a LOT of work and your hands get stained with the yummy juice that you would rather have in your glass...
My kids LOVE pomegranates and our neighbor just happens to have a tree.  A dear friend of mine, named Mary makes pomegranate jelly every year and I hear it is amazing...(said by her son!)  I'm planning on getting the recipe and maybe I can buy a jar of her jelly while I'm at it. When I do I will share it (the recipe, not the jelly!) with you.
In the mean time I will share with you Mary's method of peeling a pomegranate, which made my life a whole lot easier!

Step One:  Pick your neighbor's pomegranates....

Step Two: Bring them inside and take a beautiful picture of them while the sunlight streams in your window (okay, so this step isn't necessary, just fun!)

Step Three: Run cold water in your sink, full enough to cover the top of your colander.  Break the pomegranate into sections loosening the seeds underwater. The seeds sink to the bottom while the white parts float to the top making it easier to separate.  Also, if a seed happens to break open it doesn't stain your hands because it dissipates into the water!

 Step Four:  Lift the colander out of the water and rinse seeds.

Step Five: Place seeds in a pretty bowl and enjoy the wonderful healthy fruit God's given us!

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Kerilyn said...

Pomegranate jelly is delicious! My cousin makes it for our family every year with his mom and I always look forward to that pretty little jar.

I have to kitchen sink is never clean enough to do this. I'd have to sterilize the seeds afterwards. ;) But it is a good tip!

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