Monday, February 28, 2011

Children's Book Monday

In the past week I've had three people ask me on facebook for recommendations for read aloud books for their daughters.  It thrills me to know that my friends are reading aloud to their children even after they have learned to read themselves.  It's such an important part of their development to be hearing stories above their reading level. So today for Children's Book Monday I share with you what could possibly be my favorite series of books. (It's so hard to choose a favorite isn't it?)

They are dear to my heart not only for the stories they share, but the memories they hold for me personally.  I have read the ten book series so many times I can't recall the first time I read them!  Similar in heart to Laura's memoirs in her classic "Little House" series, The Grandma's Attic books are a true joy and delight for girls of any age.

Authored by Arleta Richardson, the first three books are a compilation of stories that her Grandmother Mabel told her as a child.  She recounts Mabel's stories which were full of lessons and morals, of faith and fun, told to a little girl who's ears were ready to hear.  The rest of the books are told in narrative form from the perspective of Mable herself as she grows up, goes to college, gets married and begins a family of her own!  Her faith brings her through the trials and frustrations of life and her sense of humor made for a wonderful perspective on the world around her.

As a child I was so moved by these stories that I wrote a letter to Mrs. Richardson telling her how much I loved reading her books.  Much to my surprise a few weeks later, a hand written letter came back addressed to me!  As you can tell, it's made a lasting impression on me...
I've already begun to read these sweet books to my daughters (ages 6 &4) and I hope that in reviewing this sweet series your family will be blessed as well.  Happy reading!

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