Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Children's Book Monday

...Sometimes it's about confidence....
It's about knowing who you are & who you were created to be.
It's about knowing what you can do.
It's about perspective.
It's about believing that you are special.

It's about being "Ladybug Girl"!

This book was given to my daughter as a birthday gift and even though it's not written from a Christian perspective, it's opened a lot of doors for conversations about who God has created her to be. Written by Jackie Davis and illustrated by David Soman this wife and husband make a great children's book team.  This and other stories are inspired by their own children which make the stories come to life!

Lulu, or "Ladybug Girl" is told she has to play on her own.  Her older brother tells her (in not the kindest way; another example that creates communication about being a good sibling!) that she is too small to play baseball with him and his friends.  Initially she searches to find something to occupy herself, but winds up having a very adventurous day with her good imagination and her good friend Bingo.  (Doesn't he remind you of someone?)  She finds value, and realizes that size is a matter of perspective!
This book makes you want to don a pair of red polka dotted rain boots, tutu and wings and fly on the wings of imagination!


Haley said...

I've never actually read any of the stories of Ladybug girl but my niece was Ladybug girl for Halloween last year!!

Elise @A Path Made Straight said...

Love this book! Eliana is fascinated by ladybugs, so of course we had to read it a million times! :)

Thank you for sharing, friend!

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