Monday, March 14, 2011

Children's Book Monday

Is it really almost spring?  

Where does the time go?

This past week at our local library's pre-school story time our children's librarian shared with us the sweetest book.  After she was finished and the other children rushed to the craft activity I whispered in my daughters ear suggesting to her that she politely ask the librarian if we could check out the book she used.  She clutched the book in her hands and her broad smile held her answer!
Planting A Rainbow

"Every year Mom and I plant a rainbow."  ...

The story is simple, the words on the page are large and bold and the pictures are uncomplicated and bright.  She describes the process of planting, and watering, caring and most of all watching.  As the rainbow grows and grows and grows and comes to life! Detailed with the color groupings are the names of each of the plants, perfect for helping young ones identify them in the world outdoors!
It's a book that should most certainly grace your shelf as spring approaches!

In looking for an image of this book I came across another blog that shares reviews on children's books.  It may be worth looking into before you next trip to the library!  This post also linked to Children's Book Monday over at A Path Made Straight.

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