Monday, March 21, 2011

Children's Book Monday

For today's post I've decided to share with you two of my favorite "read aloud" resources.

The first is a more recent discovery.  While searching online for a chapter book for my first grader, I stumbled upon the downloadable version of the classic "Ramona the Pest".  Until last week I was unaware that my library offers such an extensive list of both children's and adult's books available for free downloading.  I would highly recommend you checking with your local library to find out if this is available to you as well.  If you live in the Sacramento area, you can click on THIS link to be directed to the ebook catalog!

The second is another library resource, but not through my library.  My mother used to work at the library in Aurora, Colorado.  Their library subscribes to a wonderful site called "TumbleBooks".  Via their website you can go to the Tumblebooks page and view their list of stories.  (Click here for the link & go to "Kid's Tumblebooks" in the Quick Link side bar.)  This website has been a MommySaver more than once in our home!  Many times when Daddy is late coming home from work, or away over the weekend I utilize this site during my dinner preparations.  I can prepare dinner in peace knowing that my kids are being educationally entertained by the wonderful children's books being read with animated illustrations.

I hope these resources will be a help to you in your home as well!

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K said...

Just checked out the tumblebook library... it's awesome. Thanks for a the little mama lifesaver tip! :)

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