Sunday, April 10, 2011


We are ten days into April already, and spring is upon us!

I love the spring time.  There's new life budding all around me.  I see it in the blooms on the trees, I hear it from the new tweets in the nests overhead, and I touch the swelling bellies of so many of my dear friends.  

Each new year starts in the dead of winter.  January 1st. That day when we view life as a clean slate and a new year begins.  By April many of our resolutions have gone by the wayside and have already been forgotten; but not God's.  He takes His time.  He's patient.  Each drop of rain, each gentle breeze, each ray of sunshine is calculated.  He's working a masterpiece.

Psalm 35:9 
Then my soul will rejoice in the LORD 
and delight in his salvation.

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