Friday, September 30, 2011

Busy...and some ramblings!

How does this happen?  How do our lives get so full?
On days like today it seems like only good intentions to scale back and learn to say no to things that are constantly popping up.  Because even though I'm not as busy as I once was I still don't have time for the things that I want to do.
For example, this space... I love writing and I love sharing here.  Each day as I learn something new I think to myself, "That would be a wonderful lesson to share on my blog." And yet... here it sits... empty, or rather not empty but old. Stale. (Don't you wish that sometimes you could hook your computer up to your brain and just "think" your blog posts into being?)
I often think about other bloggers that regularly update their blogs with great sources of information, helpful tips, decorating ideas, recipes, and all sorts of other tidbits of information.  Most are moms just like me, some of them real writers with published works, a few of them home schooling moms, or at times minister's wives also.  How do they do it?  Are they just more organized? I think they just don't sleep.  They must require less sleep, or have supernatural powers.  I can't imagine the planning and time it takes to stay up with each type of "social media" they must not require much sleep.  I mean really, who can keep a blog rolling, stay in touch with Face Book, Twitter, Instagram, and Google +? (and I'm sure I'm forgetting some others as well!)
I just recently went through my email inbox (that had over 250 emails in it) and "unsubscribed" to the busy.  The ads that I will never get around to looking at, the subscriptions to websites that I don't really care about, and the random mail lists that I somehow became a part of.  Since then I've had three emails in my inbox and it feels good. Clean. Fresh. Simple.
When Jesus was on this earth he spent a lot of his time in cycles. He began these cycles with rest.  Not just a nap, but genuine rest.  Rest in Him.  This was often followed by a time of teaching (either to his disciples, his "followers", or the multitudes that came to him).  If there were miracles to be done along the way, so be it, but most of his time was spent doing those two things; resting and teaching. Simplicity.
How can we simplify our lives?  How can we do all the things that seem to be calling at us from every direction and yet still give honor to Him in the simplicity? It's something I will be pondering in the next few weeks.  Praying and pondering.  Maybe He will bring some clarity. If so, I promise to share okay?

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