Tuesday, October 11, 2011

31 Days: Grandma's Wisdom~Proposal

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My Grandpa was a wonderful man.  Strong, determined to always do the right thing, work ethic like none other, logical, direct, and fiercely loyal.  I could make a list of all the wonderful things I love about my Grandpa, and you would tire of reading the lengthy list.  But for all his wonderful traits, I will say this: he wasn't very romantic.

He'd dated Grandma for a few months, and things were going well.  His family had decided that it was time to move west.  The Dust Bowl was moving many families, and the Coate's were among them.  Grandpa, and his dad as well as his three brothers were making preparations to drive to California.

Not one to mince his words, this is how he proposed to my Grandma...
"Well, I'm moving to California.  Are you coming with me?"

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luv2bontheroad said...

I'm sure glad Grandma wanted to go, too, aren't you? Your postings makes me teary eyed! They do have a story to be told and we are so glad you are telling it. Love you daughter!

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