Tuesday, November 15, 2011

A Tardy Tuesday Post about Menu Monday...

This week is going to be crazy!
I looked at my calendar on Friday and realized there was almost no point in me planning meals...other than you my dear friends.  I knew that you would want to know what I was fixing regardless of how rushed and harried I may be.
So, here's my week:

Monday-Pastor Ryan's Mexican Lasagna-Which I was missing one ingredient for! It still turned out yummy.
Tuesday-Grilled Cheese and Tomato Soup- (This night we have the Jr. High kids over to our place for dinner and devotional so the menu needs to feed a lot, not break the bank and be something they will eat!)
Wednesday-We will be going out for dinner and the kids will be with Papa and Nini. We will be going to hear N.T. Wright speak at Fuller Theological Seminary.  I'm SO very excited to hear this man of God speak!
Thursday-Frito Pie- I will be gone having a Ladies Night Out this night, so I figure whatever they eat has to be quick and easy.  This is Aaron's all time favorite meal, but I never fix it.  (Opening a can of chili, warming it in the microwave then adding Frito's and cheese is not my idea of cooking!) It's reserved for nights like this so that Daddy gets to be the junk food hero!
Friday-The kids will once again be staying over at Papa and Nini's as I will be hosting the Teen Girl's Sleepover at our home.

Whew... what a week huh? I hope you enjoy the Mexican Lasagna, it really was a fun twist on my regular old Mexican dish standbys.

Feel free to leave your menu in the comments this week!

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Yoly said...

Thanks for the recipes and dinner ideas!!!!

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