Thursday, December 8, 2011

Befuddled State of Mind

I'm standing in the Korean Plaza Market with three children in tow. I've said the word "no" about 100,000 times.  My brain is in a fog, I'm hungry, I only put two items on my list and have about ten items in my cart.  Two of those are frozen foods that I rarely buy.  I have a limited amount of cash in my wallet and two days till payday.  We need a few items to hold us over, but my brain can't focus on what I should get to stretch the budget.
This is NOT my typical grocery shopping trip.  Thank goodness this doesn't happen very often!
Tonight I did exactly the opposite of what I tell other mom's who ask for helpful hints on stretching their dollar.  I went in without a plan.  What can I say? It happens to the best of us!
I've been out of it lately.  Maybe it's the holiday season and the rush that comes with it.  Maybe it's the fact that my husband is in the midst of Elfing three nights a week for the month of December. Maybe it's just a part of my natural cycle. (I tend to be able to organize, plan and execute meals for about 3-4 months straight and then I have two or three weeks when I just blow it and we eat weird random thrown together meals until I get it together again!)  Whatever the reason, I haven't posted my menu for the past two weeks!  Sorry about that!!

So, as sorry as it is, here is our menu for the week of 12/5:
Monday: Tortilla Soup (I'm SO glad it's finally soup weather here!)
Tuesday: Lemon Chicken and Rice (this was a new one for me and Aaron and I really liked it.  It wasn't a favorite of the kids, but I will certainly try it again!)
Wednesday: Stroganoff
Thursday: Chili and Corn bread
Friday: Family Pizza Night  (we are doing Papa John's pizza this week because of the great deal on Groupon this past week!)

Feel free to leave your menu this week in the comments below.  Thanks to Yoly for adding her menu last week!  I always love to know what other Mom's are making for dinner each week!!!

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