Sunday, December 18, 2011

Menu Monday

We are not alone.  (No, I'm not talking about extra terrestrials)
We as home makers, are not alone.  We are among friends as we pursue this beautiful job of making our house a home.  I believe it is a fact that we need to be reminded of often.
In perusing the internet one can find all sorts of magazines, blogs and information about how to organize, clean and decorate your home.  Some of them are helpful and seem a bit far fetched.  I often wonder if it's a real person on the other end of the article or just someone's ideal coming across in well scripted words.  You see, homemaking can some times be a bit messy (and no I'm not talking about cleaning up after a potty training toddler or mopping the floor after a clumsy five year old helps herself to a glass of milk).  There are no pat answers and what works for one family might not work for another. it's the beauty of being surrounded by others who understand.  It's why I want to share my menu each week and in turn read the articles of others who do the same.
I recently came across a blog that hosts "Menu Plan Monday" and I've already found a couple of new recipes to try.  I also came across this Menu Planner and gave it a shot this week.  I had to tweek it enough that I may just end up creating my own printable version of it, but it was nice to have something new to try!

This weeks menu includes:
Monday: Pork Chops (pan fried with a little salt and pepper! Simple, but yummy!)
Tuesday: Eating out at Mama Sue's to support a local charity (Project680)
If you are local, please come join us!! My, oh, my I can't wait for some chicken and waffles and sweet potato pie!!!
Wednesday: Beef Stew (in the crock-pot)
Thursday: "Creative Soup" (this is when I use whatever I have left to make an interesting soup!)
Friday: Leftovers
Saturday: Snacky Dinner:: the kids love it when we do this because they fee like they're not really eating dinner.  I set out cheese and crackers, veggies and fruits, dips and popcorn.  We have hot chocolate and watch a movie on the wall while we have a carpet picnic!

Our Christmas Dinner: Ham, Hash Brown Casserole, Bacon Green Beans, Carrots, Rolls and Apple Pie for dessert.

I leave you today with a picture from this past weekend when my husband and I had our annual "Fudge Contest", which I won... by half a point!!! We have a family over to enjoy dinner and then to be our official fudge judges...

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