Friday, December 16, 2011


Christmas is almost here.
I'm not sure how the year has gone by so quickly.  It truly seems like yesterday I was creating the ornaments for our Jesse Tree.  And now, here we are half way through our Advent celebrations this year!

Last year I wanted to buy a nativity scene for our home, but have you seen the price tags on some of them?  They are SO expensive!  I wanted something my kids could play with, but not be destroyed in one season.  I found all sorts of ideas on line for creating nativity scenes out of paper or felt, but none that I fell in love with.  That is until I saw this on Pinterest...

Adorable right?? 

So I decided to make my own. I found the FREE printable that I really liked on this website.   Armed with the  blocks of wood from Lowe's (which my husband lovingly cut down to the right size), a little sand paper, my Mod Podge, the print outs and my craft scissors I was ready to take on the nativity project!  

And I could not be happier with how they turned out...
My children love them, I love them, they are sturdy, fun and I don't worry about the kiddos breaking them.  The BEST part?  This project cost me pennies on the dollar for what I would have paid to purchase a pre-made nativity scene!
I paid a little less than $7.00 for the wood (though I'm sure you could find it for cheaper than that. I chose to use "hard wood" from the lumber section of our local Lowe's.) I had the rest of the items on hand.

May the rest of your Advent be slowed, peaceful and full of the joy that this season of giving brings!


Kirstie said...

I like this! I think I'll make it a project for next Christmas to do with my littlies. Love the fact that it's kiddy safe - I'm sure they'll love playing with it! Neat idea!

breanna said...

I absolutely love your nativity!!! so cute!!

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