Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Menu Monday

All day yesterday I kept repeating to myself... "It's Menu Monday... I've got to snag a few minutes to post something..."
And yet, here I am on Tuesday morning afternoon, just getting to the task.  "Some days are like that... Even in Australia" (in case you didn't get the reference, it's from THIS book!)
At the farmers market I got all sorts of yummy ideas for dinner and purchased around $40 worth of produce.  I've brought it all home and washed, cut, and prepared a lot of it for use during the week.  However, I feel like I'm in this strange new world, a world in which I have lovely ingredients, but no knowledge base on how to feed them to my family.  It's odd really.  I wish I could just cut everything up and put it on the table as is.  I wish they would eat it that way and say "Wow! Thanks for the yummy dinner mom!"  But let's face it... they're kids, they're used to our typical meat and starched based diet, and it's winter!  If this were summer time and the garden were producing an abundance of their favorites I might have a chance at it!
So dinners this week are limited at best as I struggle to find an ebb and flow to this new routine.
Monday: Shrimp tacos
Tuesday: Zeteo (we'll be eating the leftovers from the teen super bowl party.)
Wednesday: Meat-loaf with our wonderful grass fed beef from this company, and mashed potatoes with purple, gold and red taters!
Thursday: Spaghetti Squash and Brussels sprouts
Friday: Aaron and I are headed to a conference and the kids will be at their Papa & Nini's house.

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