Saturday, April 28, 2012

Farmers Market Envy

Do you have Farmer's Market envy?

This is the market where we take our kids each and every Saturday to pick out fresh, locally grown produce.  We give them each $1.00 to spend, and they can bring money from their spending box as well if they so choose (which they usually do!)  We encourage our kids to make healthy choices and often times incorporate their "pick of the day" in our lunch that afternoon.  They love sharing "their item" with the family!

I've also been shopping a lot at Sprouts Farmers Market, which is actually a grocery store with an emphasis on supporting locally grown produce.  I like it.  If I go on Wednesday I get to double dip... which means their add prices from the previous week as well as the up coming week are both valid, so there's LOTS on sale!  Like watermelon for 19 cents a pound.  My kids were happy about that!

Since watching these food documentaries (oh and especially this one!), our family menu has taken a drastic change. Which is why I'm shopping at different stores and our plates look different and my menus look a lot different.  Just thought you might want to know! 
And in case you were wondering when Menu Monday might start back up... 
well, I'll keep you posted on that! 

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