Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Give Away Day!!

 Happy National Clean Out Your Purse Day!!!

In honor of such a fun and necessary made up National day, I'm giving away Kathi's newest book The Get Yourself Organized Project.  

And if you head over to her website, you can also enter to win this incredible tote from Vera Bradley filled with Kathi's entire book collection!  

Five additional winners will win this "My Husband is a Hottie" tote also filled with her books.  I can think of no better way to celebrate cleaning out your purse than comment on her blog telling the weirdest thing you found in your purse clean out! 

To enter my drawing, just leave your name in the comments below and let me know what's next on your organizing projects list!  Mine is my bathroom shelf, ack!!! All entries posted before Thursday at midnight will be eligible to win. The winner will be announced on Friday!  Good luck!


Haley said...

My next organization task will be putting a whole house together as a home; taking two different people's stuff and making it into one functional space! Once we find a house that is!

Wendy Power said...

My desk. Oh wretchedness.

Kori said...

I am working on reorganizing for a soon to be crawler...oh so much work to do.

Sarah said...

My next project is the spare room that is currently a library/craft room/game room/office/sleeping corner for the cat/general dumping ground. I SWEAR I cleaned that thing out and had it sparkling just four months ago.

melyssa said...

I don't find strange things in my purse, (well, there was that nasty old string cheese from last week) but I find all sorts of weirdness coming through my laundry. And as far as organizing, I need to do under the kitchen sink today...love it when the kids "miss" the garbage...sigh! And the garage, which mysteriously messes itself up every night when we're sleeping.

Shawna Elliott said...

Can't say that I have a lot of weird stuff in my bag....but I do have a bad habit of switching bags when one bag gets too messy or full. :(. Cleaning out a bag brings back fabulous and forgotten lipglosses and some extra change--favorites!

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