Friday, May 11, 2012

The Great Purse Dump

Well, it's almost here! (The actual date is Tuesday, May 15th so come back then for a great give away on my blog and the chance to win BIG on Kathi's site!)  I'd have to say that leading up to National Clean Out Your Purse Day has actually had my purse looking worse than normal... so lucky for you, you get to see the entire process for my extremely messy handbag! 

Lets get started shall we?  This is my purse.  (Please don't judge me!)  It normally is neat and tidy and can... well, close...not so much today. Its been a long week!

Now for the DUMP...
Oh my.  Yes, yes, I know... You're asking "Amy, why do you have a roll of packing tape in your PURSE?" It's too long to explain and you're not judging me, so let's just leave it at that okay?

Not sure exactly how I always end up with more than my fair share of pens in my purse, but I honestly think only one is needed... however after I pulled out the one required pen, I was still left with these in the "put away" pile!  Go ahead, count them... yes, there are seven. 
 Two of them sharpies, one broken pencil, two blue ink, and three black.  ~sigh~  

Here's the rest of the "put back" pile...
Including my daughters homework packet, my sunglasses that I keep in the car, the hairbrush I can never find, packing tap, chap stick and a headband.

And then here's my "throw away pile".  Yes, I throw away some of my children's crafts every now and then because they sit in my purse for eons and quite frankly they never miss them.  And yes, those are home made granola bars that were never eaten and therefore are a plastic wrap encased mess of granola crumbles.  And yes that is entirely too many receipts for things that I paid cash for but for some reason find it important to hang on to just in case I decide to track my spending!

Leaving me with this... The "put back in" pile, which hold my wallet, my Bible, my free Starbucks drink coupon, my keys, a small bag of feminine products, keys, and my "make-up" bag (which holds a mirror, mints, gum, chap stick, nail clippers, and nail file).

Ahhhhh..... I feel so much better already!

And Look!!!!! It closes!!!!! 
I know it's silly, but that extra junk that tends to pile up in my purse really does contribute to mental clutter in my life.  It's the simple things of keeping my purse cleaned out of trash and children's crafts that helps keep me sane as a mommy.  Join me Monday for a fun give away of Kathi's newest book, The Get Yourself Organized Project!


Danita said...

This is so funny...I always clean out my (messy!) purse on Sunday night. That and the scary minivan. when my purse/van are a mess I feel like a mess. It would be better I guess if I kept it clean all along, but in my world that will never happen, so I am with you on a purse purge day! Thanks for sharing :)

Kerry D said...

Great job on cleaning out your bag! It's so much nicer when they close. When mine is overfull it always gets tipped over and the contents spill out on the floor of my car.(I'm doing the blog tour too. Kathi's books are so much fun!)

Regena said...

How fun!! I try and keep my purse cleaned out, but I let it go for two weeks so I could do the challenge!! Great job!!

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