Monday, May 7, 2012

The Mary Poppins Bag

(The following thoughts hail from a sketch that I saw a very long time ago by Nichole Johnson, with my own reflections tacked on for good measure!)

  Remember when you were a teenager and you simply grabbed your lip gloss and your house key as you left and both items fit in your pocket?  Even after you got your licence it was no big deal, because you added one key to your key ring (which probably had more than one key chain!) and tucked your license in your back pocket.  No need for a purse really.  Ah, those were the days!
Then, you hit college, and you still didn't really need a purse because your back pack was your best friend and went everywhere with you.  It wasn't until you entered the real world of the working professionals that you began carrying a purse on a regular basis.  Wallet, keys to an apartment, a car, office and mailbox, (and fewer key chains of course) more cosmetics than just lip gloss, Dave Ramsey's envelope system, phone, and a granola bar that you meant to eat on your way to work that morning.  But your purse evolution didn't stop there.  When you got married you began carrying a purse big enough to hold all of your things as well as a few things belonging to your husband.
A few years later you lost your ability to carry a purse because you were carrying a diaper bag and honestly, who wants to carry two bags at once?  So now your purse held wallet, keys, no cosmetics at all, cheerios, diapers, wipes, a change of clothes for baby, plastic bag to put wet clothes in should you need the extra set of clothes, pacifier, bottle, a few books and toys, as well as butt paste and your phone.
After a few years of carrying the diaper bag as your purse the kids finally transitioned and you went searching for the perfect purse.  Because even though you didn't need all the baby items, there were still a LOT of things you needed to carry for you and your kids.  Purse may not be the right word... yes, tote might be more appropriate.  You went searching for the right tote to carry all of your things.  Wallet, keys, cosmetics, first aid kit, feminine products, a folder for items needing to be returned to school, coupon caddy, all those "just in case" items (like a pair of socks in case Jenni forgot she's got soccer after school), your phone, your kindle (for while you're waiting in the school pick up line), a water bottle, five granola bars, Sunday school crafts that can't be parted with quite yet but you forgot to take them inside on Sunday, the Barbie shoe your Kinder gardener found on the playground, a full sized pump bottle of Purell, super glue, a pair of earrings, three blue pens, two black pens and seven pencils, and three crumpled up grocery lists from last month! Whew.  It can be a tad bit overwhelming not to mention extremely heavy!

If this last scenario describes you, then you are in luck my friends because Kathi Lipp is hosting National Clean out Your Purse Day over on her blog! A Give-Away is always fun, so don't miss the opportunity to win some great stuff.  It's coming up on May 15th so I'll post her instructions on how to clean out your purse and then on the 15th, we will all have our Hefty sacks, um I mean purses ready to roll!  I hope you'll join me for this fun activity and for my own "Before and After" purse transformation here in the next few days!

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