Monday, May 14, 2012

Seeing Cinderella

Do you remember middle school?  I do.  It wasn't the easiest time of my life and I had it good because I was home educated!  It was this weird transition from being a little kid with no worries or cares into this weird "almost, but not an adult yet" phase.
Talk about awkward.  Physically awkward, emotionally awkward and most certainly relationally awkward! So many times I wished that I could jump forward to being married and having beautiful babies and skip all the transitional stuff of Jr. High and High School.  Well, here I am at that amazing stage of life and do you know what book I found myself so engrossed in that I couldn't put it down?  Yep, a middle school book!  It's called Seeing Cinderella.  I truly believe that every seventh grade girl should read this book.  Telling the story of a young self conscious girl headed into middle school, Seeing Cinderella puts a fun and magical twist on the daily drama of sweet Callie Anderson.  About to begin the school year she goes in for an eye exam.  The quirky optometrist seems to see a deeper need in Callie's life than just a prescription for new glasses!  Offering her a "loaner" pair of glasses he comments,

"Are you sure you want them?" Dr. Ingram asked.  "You never know what you'll see when your vision is corrected."
"I'll take them, if you'll give them to me." I looked down at his hand.
Dr. Ingram let go.  "Use them wisely, Callie."
"Of course I'll use them wisely, " I said.
Whatever that meant.  

Full of fun, drama, and lessons for life, this middle grade book was an adorable fun read.  I couldn't put it down and when I was done it had me reflecting upon my own life and how I see others.  Written by local author Jenny Lundquist, you can find out more about this great book on her website!

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