Monday, September 24, 2012

Handy little trick

I often times have more than just my kids in my home.  I like it that way.  Since I can't have a dozen of my own, I just borrow others kids for a while and then give them back when their parents come to collect them!
This is a trick I've started doing on such occasions when we need to keep track of whose cup belongs to whom!

This particular day, I used it when there were four... and then later when there were seven!!! (Oh those sweet boys... four of them! They range in age from 13 down to 5 and I pray that God lets at least one of my daughters marry into that family some day!)

This is a TV tray that I took the top off of.  It has a dry erase surface on it.
I write their name and a box for their cup,

add the cups to the appropriate square...

and you're ready for picnic time!

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