Thursday, August 22, 2013


We now live in Weed, California...It's a long story.

A story that has taken about eight years to unfold and has lead us to right here.
When Abraham was called by God he was not told where his final destination would be. I'm sure if God had told him he might have had a reaction similar to that of being told he was going to have a child in his old age; laughter. But sometimes, like Abraham, being called lends itself to a certain veil, a blindfold if you will. God will reveal the destination, but not until you are ready to see. He simply says "Go", and you go. You trust, knowing that He wouldn't send you without a plan, His plan.
That, my friends, is how we came to be here.  We were at a place of wandering, knowing God had called us but not knowing where or to what.  I must admit, it's an awkward place to be with people asking you where, why, how and when and only having the answer; "God knows"!
His timing however is perfect, and His plan impeccable.
The right ministry, the right home, the right school, the right time... the right support and encouragement. It all fell into place like a perfectly planned puzzle. He's amazing that way.
Today I sit at my desk at the foot of Mt. Shastina.  The cool breeze blows the trees and a smell of fresh baked zucchini muffins fills our home.  I have peace.  It has not been easy; transition is always hard. Equipping is part of calling and I feel confident in the fact that God has brought us here and He will also sustain us.

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