Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Refried Beans

Sometimes the thing that keeps us from saving money in the kitchen is simply fear.
Often times I have found myself either fearful or simply unknowledgeable about a type of food, and thus instead of making it myself from scratch, I buy it in a can, jar or already prepared. This is silly! NOTHING is that hard to make! With a few practice rounds and a bit of trial and error (not to mention a good recipie, or a friend to teach you!) you'll have some of your favorite take out dishes as a regular staple in your home saving you lots of money (and calories!)
Here are four of my most recent discoveries (don't be shocked, I too have had my fears in the past)!
Refried Beans
Fried Rice
Spring Rolls


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Elise said...

Hooray for homemade refried beans! We can't go a week without a batch- and it's so easy in the crockpot! Tons of garlic, some sea salt, and that's it for us. I could eat beans all day long, but that's another story for another time. (It's a musical! Ha... I couldn't resist! ;)

Thanks for sharing these- we love fried rice- I'm going to try this one! xo

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