Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Feeling Domestic

I had a few hours the other day as a friend of mine took the kids for me. I had planned ahead to work on a sewing project that I'd had on the "back burner" for a LONG time. I was so excited to finally get a chance to work on it! My parents have a sewing machine that can embroider letters so I asked them to put the kids names on some plain white fabric. I then made covers for our chairs and stitched their names on the cover. They are removable so I can take them off and wash them as needed. Not only does this eliminate the task of wiping down the backs of the chairs EVERY meal (because inevitably they smear their messy hands all over the chair) but it also takes away the fighting over who sits where at each meal.

You may also notice there are black squares on our table top. This is electrical tape we put on there for a "coaster". They know to put their cup back up at the top of their place setting which as cut down drastically on the number of spills we have during meal times. ~ahhhhh~ I love it when I have good ideas!!!

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Kristin said...

We mamas of little have to get creative, don't we? Cute ideas. :-)

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