Tuesday, November 10, 2009


Usually women get excited about their husband taking them out to dinner, or renting a chick flick, or buying them jewelry! Me, I get excited when my husband builds me a compost pile/bin! He's recently redone the back yard and built me some "Square Foot Garden" boxes. While we haven't filled them as of yet, I am so very excited to finally have the chance to try my hand at gardening! I did this as a young child with my family, but it was truly my mom's garden. Since then, I've either been living in dorms, apartments, a duplex and finally our home with a "jungle" for a back yard!
Finally, it's my turn! Every time I peel a banana, chop the core from an apple, peel the skin off a potato, snip the ends off carrots, and crack an egg, I place these "extras" in my bucket excited for what they will eventually become: the soil to grow yummy food for my family! So, since I'm new to this, and have so much to learn, please feel free to leave comments or helpful suggestions!
Oh, and thank you dear, I love you!

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