Monday, January 18, 2010

It's 9:01am
I'm laying in bed, still in my pajamas listening to the rain, and the sweet sound of my children's voices and their sweet little feet tromping around out in the living room.
No, I'm not sick, I'm getting a break.
You see, when I moved to California eight years ago there was a super sweet family that were so excited that I had moved to town to marry their children's youth minister, that they "adopted" me. They became my "local parents" so that if I were in need of anything, I could call on them. We were close. Very close. When our first child was born this bond was sealed. Like a canning jar getting the lid put on! It was a done deal; they were ours and we were theirs. I gained another set of parents, and two wonderful sisters~My children gained a Papa and Nini and two more Aunts~

Most people don't understand this option of choosing family, or choosing to love someone so completely. So when I don't use the term "local parents" any more and just call them my mom and dad people who have known them for a long time look at me funny. That's okay with me. We are different, and sure it's unusual, but it's uniquely ours and I love it.

So why am I still in bed? Because when my husband goes out of town for a couple days I like to stay the night here. My kids frequently stay the night with Papa and Nini, and when I come too they treat me like a princess. With strict instructions to sleep as long as I would like, no worries of what is for breakfast or lunch, a shower undisturbed, and two sets of helping hands it's a mother's dream come true!

You see, it partly stems from their parenting philosophy. They believe that a mother who gets a break every now and then will have the energy to continue the job that never ends. They understand that being a mother, you are always "on" and that it gets tiring. ~sigh~ Aren't they wonderful?

So today, I think of you. And I will say a prayer that God will bless you with a "choice family" the way He has for me!

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